The writings below are from the online writings of WONG KIEW KIT, who is the foremost modern teacher of traditional Shaolin Chi Kung arts. The answers show a deep and important understanding of the subtle energy flows and build of sex energy in the body that can be mastered with the help of chi kung, which are “energy exercises” of the Orient.

You will need to get one of his basic books which describe the exercises recommended, if you desire to do so.

The material is from Chi Kung-  where it is said that a man loses 40% of his chi through seminal release, and it takes a period of time to rebuild up.

In Ayurveda they have quite a bit of knowledge of how to rebuild the seminal energies lost through seminal release.

There are various daoist systems and modern for stopping seminal release.

Question 8

I have gone through the procedures in websites to sit for a zen meditation. but I lack concentration due to sexual desires. Could you please give me your suggestions and guidance to practice meditation?

Sabareesan, India

Answer 8

Meditation is an advanced exercise, and should be practiced under the supervision of a competent instructor. If you practice on your own, you should proceed slowly and gradually.

There are actually numerous types of meditation. There are also many different techniques. Being unable to concentrate is a common problem.

An excellent principle to overcome this problem is “to use one thought to represent hundreds of thoughts”. This one thought can be placed on a mantra or a simple phrase, an object in front of you, an image inside your mind, or a point in your body.

For example, you may gently and continuously recite a mantra like “Om Mani Padme Om”, or stare nonchalantly at a grain of sand in front of you, or gently focus your mind on an image of the Buddha or a Bodhisattva, or place your mind on your abdomen.

When thoughts arise, irrespective of whether they concern sexual desires or not, gently but firmly put the irrelevant thoughts aside, and gently focus on your one thought of the mantra, object, image or bodily point.

At first you will find the practice difficult, and your mind wander wildly. But if you persevere, practicing for a few minutes every day, after a few months of daily practice, you will find you can focus for longer and longer periods. You will also find yourself peaceful and happy.

Question 7

I have experienced qigong deviation, and I cherish your wise advice.

I have been practicing Daoist sexual practices and because of my foolishness of not going to find a good teacher, I have gotten into trouble from practicing from books. I have tried to stop ejaculation by putting my fingers around the huiyin nearer to my penis, and have been doing this for about 6 months now without massaging afterwards or re-circulating it in anyway.

As a result, I have been getting diaharrea and an expanded stomach/spleen because the qi is blocked and won’t move down to my left leg.

Dan, England

Answer 7

While your condition is quite bad, don’t worry as it can be overcome. Practice the following exercise twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. You may add one more session in the evening if you like. Each session will take about 20 to 30 minutes.

Stand upright and be relaxed. Listen to your breathing for a short while, then breathe out three times with your mouth wide open. Don’t worry about breathing in. The breathing out, while voluminous, must be done in a gentle manner.

Then perform “Merry-go-Round” five times each side. Next perform “Hola-Hoop” about thirty times each side. Then perform “Rotating Knees” also about thirty times each side. Please refer to my chi kung books for details of performing the three exercises. You should perform one side first for a required number of times, then perform the other side. The exercises must be performed slowly and gently.

After performing the three exercises, stand upright and be totally relaxed. Don’t worry about your breathing and don’t think of anything. Just let go. If you let go enough, your chi will flow, and may move your body. Go along with the flow.

Usually your movement propelled by your chi flow is a gentle sway, but sometimes it may be vigorous or even comical, such as bending in awkward positions or rolling on the ground. Just go along with the flow. Remember to keep your mouth open. After about ten or twenty minutes of chi flow, complete the exercise.

This exercise should work well for you, and in my opinion is the best remedy for your health problem. But if for any reasons it does not work, you should see a good acupuncturist or a good herbalist of Chinese medicine.

Question 8

Also, I try to sometimes move my jing upwards from my left calf (yes, it has gone that deep) upwards to my tailbone so it can begin circulating up my microcosmic orbit again.

Last week, I have gotten through a blockage up my thigh and I felt noises in my abdomen and the dense jing began pulsating around the blocked area in my left thigh. My stomach felt better and let out the stagnation as gas. I keep trying to bring it up hoping it will soon be unblocked and the jing flow will be unblocked.

I would like to ask if this is a good way to relieve this deviation as I don’t know what else would help except for me to try and re-circulate my stagnant jing.

Answer 8

Your attempt to clear your energy blockage by moving your “jing” upward is not a good one. It may give some relief, but it can also cause more serious complications.

Question 8

I’m trying for my second child. I read somewhere that sex is no good for the kidneys. Is this right?

Answer 8

Excessive sex is bad for the kidneys, but wholesome sex enriches the participants both physically and spiritually.

Trying for your second child is a noble endeavour. You should approach it with joy and hope rather than with trepidation. Practicing high level chi kung will greatly enhance both your performance and your result.

Question 15

I have been reading a lot about kundaline — that energy in the base of your spine — and have read a lot about negative things happening as a result of its rising. I now find myself backing off as I get deeper in fear of this happening. Yet if I don’t continue with meditation I will never get better. Is this rising of the kundaline something I should fear? When my body starts vibrating unconrollably I feel like I should go with it but that thought of something bad is making me back off. What should I do?

Answer 15

There has been a lot of material writtern about kundalini, but just as in the case of chi kung, much of the material is (to put it crudely) rubbish. This is because there are so many bogus yoga and chi kung masters who are impateint to give their views on kundalini and chi kung before they themselves have any experience of what they are talking about.

In internal arts, which include yoga and chi kung, one cannot actually make any valid statement without the backing of direct personal experience. For example, a yoga or a chi kung author may write about rising energy along his spine, but if he himself has not experienced it, he does not really know what he is writing; he only based his writing on what he has read elsewhere.

As I am not a yoga master, I am not qualify to talk (authoritatively) about kundalini, but I know it is basically a tremendous release of stored energy at the base chakra near the anus, and its rising to the crown chakra at the top of the head. This tremendous release and rising of energy can bring about remarkable abilities, including psychic powers and spiritual attainment.

In chi kung, I believe kundalini is similar to, but may not be identical with, the rising of energy along the “rushing meridian” (chong-mai) from the hui-yin energy field near the anus to the bai-hui energy field at the top of the head. In Taoist cultivation, after infusing his spirit into the “heavenly foetes” at the “yellow palace” at the solar plexus, his spirit moves up gradually, and not in a rushing manner, along the “rushing meridian” to the crown of the head to be released into the cosmos as an immortal.

It is only common sense that such an advanced and arcane art as kundalini or attaining immortality must be learnt from a master and trained under his supervision. Kundalini, like seeking immortality, is perfectly safe and you need to fear nothing, if you train under a master. But those who are foolish enough to meddle on their own with energy training — thinking that by reading some books they can achieve what even masters need many years of dedicated training to achieve — are likely tio develop serious problems and damage.

If you do not have a master to guide you, it is wise for you to leave kundalini or high level meditation alone. This is not the same as saying you should stop your present meditation practice. As you are deriving benefits from your meditation practice, you should continue, but do so gradually and carefully.

As a precaution, when you feel a lot of energy is about to be released and you are not sure of handling a kundalini, just lie down on your back slowly and gradually. This will minimize or slow down the effect. It may also slow down your progress, if the kundalini happens smoothly, but in internal art training it is always better to be safe and sure, than to rush in with risk.

As mentioned above, chi kung is probably a better choice than meditation to overcome your nerve problems. But you have to practise the right type of genuine chi kung, one which pays much attention to mind training, from a real master. If you learn chi kung gymnastics from a bogus instructor, you are unlikely to get any good results.

Question 6

I recently read your excellent answer on abstinence of sex at

Lets assume I wanted to pursue Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung for spiritual cultivation. What difference would it make (if any), if I had regular sexual activity whilst doing Chi Kung every day compared to if I chose abstinence whilst doing Chi Kung every day?

Michael, USA

Answer 6

Generally, if you abstain from regular sex you will have faster and better results. How much faster and better the results are will depend on a number of variables, such as from whom you learn the Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung, your age and other physical, emotional and mental conditions, your developmental stage and the strength of your determination to attain the highest goal.

Let us take an ideal condition. You had learnt from me not only at the Intensive Chi Kung Course but also advanced courses like the Specialized Shaolin Kungfu Course and the “Small and Big Universe”, you were about 50 years old, had radiant health, were emotionally detached, had high-level spiritual wisdom, were at the height of your spiritual development, and absolutely considered that attaining Enlightenment was the only thing important to you. If you abstained from sex, you would attain Enlightenment here and now, or at the most in this life time.

If you had all these ideal qualities except that you still enjoyed sex, you could not attain Enlightenment because you still had desires. Any desires would weigh you down in the phenomenal world, and sex is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, desire. To attain Enlightenment, you had to erase all desires, including good desires like enjoying wholesome sex and helping others. Hence, Bodhisattvas who have great compassion to help others, postpone attaining Buddhahood or temporarily leave Buddhahood if they already attained it previously, to return to the phenomenal realm to help others.

One may ask whether wishing to attain Enlightenment is a desire. Yes, if you crave for Enlightenment, it is a desire. But if you are emotionally detached and cultivate non-chalantly, then it is not a desire. At a lower level but with the same principles, Shaolin Wahnam students practice their chi kung without craving for benefits. The benefits will come as a matter of course. But if they crave for benefits, they may hinder their result.

Obviously you are not in this ideal condition. Generally speaking, in your case where your reason for practicing Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung is for spiritual cultivation, it makes no difference whether you abstain from sex or not. If you don’t abstain from sex, you are not likely to attain Enlightenment or have experience that you and the generally public associate with spiritual cultivation. Even if you abstain from sex, you are unlikely to have these results too.

However, for a detailed answer, there may be some difference, and it depends on some variables.

If you are scared to have sex, for whatever reasons, it is better for you not to have it. After all, unless you have no choice, why should you have sex when you are scared of it? Abstinance from sex while practicing Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung is good for your spiritual cultivation as it makes your spirit calm, and having sex is detrimental as it makes your spirit nervous.

If you feel tired after just walking for a while, it is better for you to abstain from sex while practicing chi kung so that the energy you need for sex can be used to strengthen your body and nourish your spirit. If you spend the little energy you have for sex, even when you enjoy it, at a time when you do not have enough energy even to walk, you will weaken your body harmfully, which will lead to a weakening of your spirit.

However, if you practice Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung correctly you will feel that not only you have enough energy to walk for a long time without feeling tired but also to enjoy wholesome sex without feeling nervous, two of the many benefits you will soon discover if you learn personally from us. Then you should not abstain from sex while practicing our chi kung, because having sex will nourish your spirit making you happy.

Answer 7

Occurrences of wet dreams and the urge to masturbate may be due to deficiency in kidney yin in some people, but may not be in others. Those who are deficient in kidney yin are weak and lethargic. You are not.

Your case is more likely to be overflowing in kidney yang. Although an excess of either yin or yang is generally unhealthy, in special cases like yours when teenagers are growing, overflowing of kidney yang is normal.

Question 8

I’ve been practicing One Finger Zen, Horse Stance, Pushing Mountains, and Lifting the Sky, and felt great when doing these exercises. My punches feel very, very powerful after doing the Horse Stance and One Finger Zen, but I could be practicing wrongly. Could you suggest any appropriate qigong exercise to strengthen my kidneys?

Answer 8

I presume that you learn these kungfu and chi kung exercises from books. Follow the instructions respectfully and don’t worry or intellectualize while practicing the exercises.

The occurrences of wet dreams and the urge to masturbate actually suggest that you have been doing the exercises correctly. Your training has increased your vitality, including the production of sperms.

As mentioned above, yours is a case of overflowing kidney yang. Hence, your concern is not to strengthen your kidney, which may make your situation worse. What you should do is to let your excess energy, or kidney yang, spread. A good way to do so is cut down your exercises you have been doing, and spend more time on chi flow.


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