Too often modern yoga is taught without illumination upon the vital subject of what yoga exercises can do to raise up the sex energy from the energy center between the legs, at the bottom of the tailbone, up the Third Eye Center.

I would like to introduce you to this knowledge, which may be of benefit to you, as it has been to me.

Taoist- This shows the inner principles and planes the energy leads us to as it rises

White light rising to illumine the mind with genius, power and drive

Bhandas = locks, as commonly translated, though as you will see below, not always so.

Bhandas are super important in yoga and the spiritual path.  Here is why-

When you correctly pull up the muscle between the legs, and contract the anal sphincter, and the lift of the stomach, while locking the neck in a certain way, several things happen.

Powerful energies flows that move in certain ways on inner levels are re-directed.  The first in importance of these is the routing of energy up the central core channel of the spine.  This is not so easy to achieve even with spiritual striving, as many saints and holy men have been sorely tempted to divert this energy.

Jesus said “Straight and narrow is the way that leads to eternal life, and few there be that find it.”  This yogic exercise greatly helps to channel our spinal energy into this “straight and narrow way“, thus giving us a major lift in rising up to higher levels of life, awareness and thought, leaving behind the compulsive non-sense of lusts and cravings associates with energies stuck in the groin for no other reason than we have not known how to deal with this force.


…”Bandhas are the internal energy valves which thus when activated allow the energy to flow through the area activating the dormant potential of spirit while embodied. Another way of saying this is that the rigidity of a chronic spiritual disconnect can be disrupted through bandhas, pranayama, and pratyhara quickly providing the pathway for the spiritual reconnect. Although commonly called locks, bandhas act as such only in so far that they prevent the outward flow (dissipation) of the energy, but a better translation would be valves because they direct the internal energy flow to irrigate the nadis and activate the energy body. The reason why we will try to avoid the translation of bandha as “lock”, is because it reinforces the forceful approach where injury or disease is more likely to occur. For example instead of approaching bandhas as containing, locking in, or damming up the internal energy, it may be wiser to approach it as moving energy through — irrigating the thirsty soil or opening up obstructed veins, channels (nadis), and circuits (chakras). Eventually the implementation of bandha has to be effortless and natural. We assume that this wisdom is innate, has but simply become obscured, hidden, and forgotten through many generations of institutionalized ignorance and disempowerment which distracted human beings from their natural powers and their true relationship with shiva/shakti. Bandhas used in synergistic conjunction with asana, pranayama, mudra, visualization (dharana), and meditation (dhyana) practice act as a powerful synergistic aids.

…”Bandhas, thus bind and redirect the energy from leaking out, but it thus should never be viewed as a muscle contraction. So here the definition of bandha will be effectively used in terms of an interlock (to lock in and interconnect inner systems) rather than as the more common definition of a lock, which carries with it a negative connotation of locking out, damming up, restraining, constraining, forcing, excluding, repressing, etc. It thus should be made clear that the bandhas are not physical locks, but energy locks which connects and harmonizes one’s vital energy with the inner constellations, the outer constellations, and the universal eternal source of all energy. In order to learn about this activation and harmonization, we have to learn about the subtle energy, inside, outside, and non-dual unborn Source (the inherent potential energy within all things). But like asana practice, also in bandha practice we most often must first learn about the subtle internal energy, by first performing the physical, coarse, and external aspect (coarse energy). Then later once we become aware of the presence of the internal and more subtle energetics, we can forgo the coarse, gross, physical learning tools.

“The bandhas are mastered by awareness. This awareness is gained through the practice of mindfulness and vairagya implemented simultaneously. When the bandhas are mastered, free flowing progress in realizing the intent behind asana, pranayama, mudra, and meditation are greatly accelerated with the result allowing us to abide in the heart of samadhi faster, easier, longer, and more completely. The bandhas are associated with the three granthis (knots) and as such provide the motive power to unlock spiritual dimensions…”

I have files on this subject, as I don’t seem to have access to a qualified yoga instructor. If you can find such an instructor, I urge you to consider studying with him.  It is far better than having to go by what you can glean from the Internet, etc.

Contact me at if you would like an email of the Word docs with much more information on the locks and such.


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  1. my sister practices Yoga and i also find it interesting that is why i am also practicing Yoga now .-

    Comment by Ruby Jones — May 6, 2010 @ 9:55 am |Reply

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