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“They have no wine.”  So said Mary, the Mother to her son on the commencement of his mission.

This is the classic scene in the Bible where Jesus is at a marriage supper, and his mother comes to him and says “They have no wine.” Woman and mother, do they not often make us feel the needs of people, children, nature, taking us out of selfish pursuits?  This is a message of the Feminine Ray, a message which Christed ones, male and female are wise to attend to.

She is pointing out a need which forms the basis of the mission, the purpose, the dharma, the duty of the Christed one.  It is the beginning of his mission.  If he is too hard of heart to listen to the needs of those around him, his mission will go nowhere.  “Everybody has problems, dude. I have enough things to handle on my own plate.”

Thus, the need is put before us.  The response IS LOVE.   Love is striving to meet the true soul needs, and also the practical needs of people, of people, nations, of animals, groups…

This is when life changes from being a spectator sport to where the hero gets in the ring. Instead of watching life go by and one’s opportunity for Christhood vanish in the mists of inaction, the hero takes his stand.

So the Divine Mother says to her sons and daughters who would put on their heroic Christhood-

They have no spiritual books worthy of them.

They have little art worthy of them.

They have little drama worthy of them.

They have an educational system not worthy of them.

They have food that is largely not worthy of them.

They have no wine of life, the spirit.

They have no love, my daughter.

They have no understanding of themselves, my son.

What will you do, my son, my daughter?  What will you do?

And what will the Christed Ones do?  How will they respond?

Will they look with eyes non-comprehending, heart unfeeling? Until perhaps Life puts them in the shoes of those who suffer for a while, until they feel that suffering as their own?

Will they really feel the pains and needs of the people and their souls or will they become more dense and unfeeling?

Will they use their sensitivity to others pain, and use that as a springboard of motivation to transcend their indulgences, wastes of time, lack of ability?

Will they start to pursue an answer and then give up, get distracted?

Will they pray for direction?

Will they take the first decent road that appears before them and pray daily for clearer direction?

Will they ask and meditate often for Higher Direction?

Will they send the question into the universe How can I meet this need?

Will they ask for Heaven’s solution to the problem to go forth to those can do something about it?


Christed Ones are called to make change happen, to transform the situation and provide what is needed.

So, let us go back to the scene at the marriage festivities in the Bible where Jesus’ mother says to him “They have no wine.” How did this destined Christed One respond? He said

“What have I to do with thee, woman?”

This is a surprising response, surely.  He hardly responds with gusto.  In fact, we find resistance within ourselves to the mission beginning.   Part of us resists as did part of him.  But then his Conscience, his Heart’s Voice spoke, either aloud or as a simple knowing prompted him – Listen to her.  She speaks truth. Don’t wimp out.

Listen to her.  She speaks truth. Don’t wimp out.


The Qualifications Required

“HOW, it may be asked, are we to make ourselves capable of sharing in this great work? Well, there is no mystery as to the qualifications which are needed by one who aspires to be a helper; the difficulty is not in learning what they are, but in developing them in oneself. To some extent they have been already incidentally described, but it is nevertheless well that they should be set out fully and categorically.

Single-mindedness. The first requisite is that we shall have recognized the great work which the Masters would have us do, and that it shall be for us the one great interest in our lives. We must learn to distinguish not only between useful and useless work, but between the different kinds of useful work, so that we may each devote ourselves to the very highest of which we are capable, and not fritter away our time in labouring at something which, however good it may be for the man who cannot yet do anything better, is unworthy of the knowledge and capacity which should be ours as Theosophists. A man who wishes to be considered eligible for employment on higher planes must begin by doing the utmost that lies in his power in the way of definite work for Theosophy down here.

Of course I do not for a moment mean that we are to neglect the ordinary duties of life. We should certainly do well to undertake no new worldly duties of any sort, but those which we have already bound upon our shoulders have become a karmic obligation which we have no right to neglect. Unless we have done to the full the duties which karma has laid upon us we are not free for the higher work. But this higher work must nevertheless be to us the one thing really worth living for – the constant background of a life which is consecrated to the service of the Masters of Compassion.

Perfect self-control. Before we can be safely trusted with the wider powers of the astral life, we must have ourselves perfectly in hand. Our temper, for example, must be thoroughly under control, so that nothing that we may see or hear can cause real irritation in us, for the consequences of such irritation would be far more serious on that plane than on this. The force of thought is always an enormous power, but down here it is reduced and deadened by the heavy physical brain-particles which it has to set in motion. In the astral world it is far freer and more potent, and for a man with fully awakened faculty to feel anger against a person there would be to do him serious and perhaps even fatal injury.

Not only do we need control of temper, but control of nerve, so that none of the fantastic or terrible sights that we may encounter may be able to shake our dauntless courage. …

It is to make sure of this control of nerve, and to fit them for the work that has to be done, that candidates are always made, now as in days of old, to pass what are called the tests of earth, water, air and fire.

In other words, they have to learn with that absolute certainty that comes not by theory, but by practical experience, that in their astral bodies none of these elements can by any possibility be hurtful to them – that none can oppose any obstacle in the way the work which they have to do.

In this physical body we are fully convinced that fire will burn us, that water will drown us, that the solid rock forms an impassable barrier to our progress, that we cannot with safety launch ourselves unsupported into the ambient air. So deeply is this conviction ingrained in us that it costs most men a good deal of effort to overcome the instinctive action which follows from it, and to realize that in the astral body the densest rock offers no impediment to their freedom of motion, that they may leap with impunity from the highest cliff, and plunge with the most absolute confidence into the heart of the raging volcano or the deepest abysses of the fathomless ocean.

Yet until a man knows this – knows it sufficiently to act upon his knowledge instinctively and confidently – he is comparatively useless for astral work, since in emergencies that are constantly arising he would be perpetually paralyzed by imaginary disabilities. So he has to go through his tests, and through many another strange experience – to meet face to face with calm courage the most terrifying apparitions amid the most loathsome surroundings – to show in fact that his nerve may be thoroughly trusted under any and all of the varied groups of circumstances in which he may at any moment find himself.

Further, we need control of mind and of desire; of mind, because without the power of concentration it would be impossible to do good work amid all the distracting currents of the astral plane; of desire, because in that strange world to desire is very often to have, and unless this part of our nature were well controlled we might perchance find ourselves face to face with creations of our own of which we should be heartily ashamed.

Unselfishness. It would seem scarcely needful to assist upon this as a qualification, for surely everyone who has made the least study of Theosophy must know that while the slightest taint of selfishness remains in a man, he is not yet fit to be entrusted with higher powers, not yet fit to enter upon a work of whose very essence it is that the worker should forget himself but to remember the good of others. He who is still capable of selfish thought, whose personality is still so strong in him that he can allow himself to be turned aside from his work by feelings of petty pride or suggestions of wounded dignity – that man is not yet ready to show the selfless devotion of the helper.


JOHN 8: 12  Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

MATTHEW 5:14-16 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.  Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

DavidOne Circle ASTREA tiny



EXERCISE 1-  In order to realize the reality of the statement that you are a center of Mind-Power, you must first enter into a realization of the existence of a Great Ocean of Mind-Power itself.  Do not pass over this lightly, for it is most important.  You must begin to create a mental picture of the Universe as a Great Ocean of Living Mind-Power, vibrating with life and force and power.  Endeavor to make this mental picture so clear that you can “see it with your mind’s eye,” and until it become a reality to you.

Picture yourself as alone in the Universe and surrounded on all sides with a vibrating, pulsating sea of energy, or power.  See that power is locked up in that ocean, and that ocean exists everywhere.  Shut out from your mental field all other persons, things or conditions.  Imagine yourself as alone in the great Ocean of Power.  You must practice frequently upon this mental picture until you are able to visualize it distinctly.  This does not mean that you have to actually see it, just as you do this printed page; but that you should be able to actually feel it. You will begin to understand just what I mean after you have practiced this a little.  This Great Ocean of Mind-Power must become real to you- and you must practice until it does so become.

The important of the above exercise may be understood when I tell you that it will be impossible for you to manifest more than a moderate degree of power until you are able to realize yourself as a real center.  And it will be impossible for you to realize yourself as such a center until you realize the existence of the Ocean of Power itself. For how can you think of yourself as a center of power, in an Ocean of Power, until you realize the existence of the Ocean itself?  The universal Ocean of Mind-Power contains within itself all the Mind-Power, force and energy that there is.  It is the source from which all forms of energy arise.  It is filled with an infinite number of tiny centers of energy, of which you are one.  And in the degree that you draw upon it for strength, so will you receive strength.  But all means endeavor to clearly visualize this Great Mind-Power Ocean, for it is the source of all the force with which you are filled and which you hope to acquire.  Enter into this great realization, friends, for it is the first step to power.

EXERCISE II   The second exercise, which will tend to increase your vibration as a center of Power, as follows: Picture yourself clearly as a Centre of Power in the Mentative Ocean.  While seeing the Ocean on all sides of you, you must see yourself as the Center of it. Do not be frightened at this idea, for it is based on the Truth.  The highest occult teaching informs us that the Great Mentative Ocean has its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere. That is, that being infinite in space, there is no finite spot that is really is center and yet, on the other hand, every point of activity may be called its center.  Being extended in every direction infinitely, its circumference is nonexistent. There you are most certainly justified in considering yourself as a center of the Ocean of mind-Power. Each dynamic individual is such a center, and each has his world circling and  revolving around him. Some have a small world, and some have mighty ones.

There are centers so mighty and exalted that the human mind cannot grasp their importance. But even the tiniest point of activity is a center in itself.  So hesitate not, but begin to form a mental picture of yourself as a center of power.

Practice this exercise until you can clearly feel yourself as a center of power. You must learn to think of yourself as a focal point of force in the great Ocean of Mind-Power.  Just as the great body of electricity manifests itself in tiny points of activity, so does Mind-Power express itself in you who are a point of activity within itself. In urging you to perfect yourself in this realization I would impress upon you the fact, known to all advanced occultists, that in the measure of your realization of this mighty quality of the Ego will be the measure of the power possessed by you.  All of the strong men of our times, and of all ages, have had this realization, intuitively or instinctively; that is, although they may not have known the philosophy or science of the matter, they have felt this sense of the power of the Ego in themselves, which gave them the confidence to do things and the Will-Power and Desire-Force to carry out their undertakings.  It is this feeling of inherent strength that makes men strong and successful and positive.  And his feeling and realization may be developed and unfolded within any one, provided that he wants it “sufficiently.” By the exercise of your desire and will you may build up this realization of power, and in the building up there will come to you a constantly increasing stream of desire and will. …

EXERCISE III  The third exercise consists in the realization of the nature of the Power.  This force, energy or power with which you are being filled, and which you are now attracting toward your center, consists of the electrical manifestation of Will-Power and the magnetic manifestation of Desire-Force.

These two constitute the dual phases of the one force-  the Mind-Power.  And therefore, you must begin to realize that these qualities are within you in order that you may be able to express them, and thus gain the additional and increased power that comes to those who do express them.  You must begin to realize that   you have a will which is capable of impressing itself on the things, persons and circumstances of your world – and you must begin to realize hat you have a desire which attracts to you the things, people and  circumstances of your world, and which, in fact, draws to you the very material from which your world is made. When you realize this dual force within you, it will begin to express itself automatically.  The act of realization causes the mental machinery to begin to work smoothly and effectively.

Therefore picture to yourself the dual force within you.  See yourself as influencing, and acting upon the world around you. See yourself as a power in the land.  And also see yourself as an attracting force, drawing to you that which you need and want and require, consciously and unconsciously.  Picture yourself as a Dynamic Individual. You are an individual because you are a center of power.  You are dynamic because you possess the Electric Will and  the Magnetic Desire- the twin-poles of Mind-Power.

Carry with you this thought constantly and repeat it often to yourself and you will find it a source of Power – you will find the Power pouring into you when you say or think it.  When you feel weak, or when you feel the need of additional Power, use this Statement of Power:

“I Am Dynamic!”

And when you say it, or think it, you must picture to yourself just what you mean by the statement, hence the importance of knowing just what is meant. Do not pass over this Statement of Power as unimportant, but try it in actual practice and you will realize what a Battery of Power you have become.  Those around you will soon become aware of a new sense of power within you.

Keep this Statement of Power to yourself.  Do not invite the ridicule of those around you by telling them the source of your Power. Do not bother about them-  if they are individuals themselves they will understand without being told; and if they are not all the telling in the world would not make clear to them.  Hoe your own row and mind your own business – and let them do the same.  No one can build up his individuality except from within.  And each must work out his own salvation and limb the ladder of attainment for himself. …Do lean on anyone else- and don’t let anyone lean on you.

…There is no such thing as vicarious individuality.  Do not be afraid to “assert the I” – to claim your rightful heritage and birthright to be an individual, and not a parasite.  And don’t be afraid to shake off and trim off the parasitic persons that have encumbered your own unfoldment toward individuality.  Let the parasites take root in the earth, just as you have done; let them fasten their roots in the great body of strength and power instead of in the mental body of someone else; let them stop their second-hand nourishment and learn to draw from the first source.  This is the only way, and the lack of the knowledge of it is filling the world with weaklings instead of with individuals.

Therefore think of these things; hold them well in mind when you make your Statement of Power:


p.167…   If you will but get this realization firmly fixed in your mind you will automatically create for yourself a most positive mental atmosphere that will be felt by all with whom you come in contact.  So first, last and all the time build up this realization. Say to yourself, “I AM DYNAMIC!”  – then think it out, dream it out; act it out.  And of course, always realize what all this means. You are the channel through which is pouring the Universal Will-Power and in the degree that you allow the current to so flow through you, so will be the power you are able to manifest.

When you wish to manifest a special degree of power just let this statement: “I AM DYNAMIC!” flame out in vivid letters in your mind. When you feel that you are being approached by some other person of strong will, whom you do not wish to influence you, just bring this statement into effect and you will actually see the effect of it upon the other person.  He will feel your strong mental atmosphere and will cease trying to affect you. And even when there is no special need for making the statement of power it will be well for you to keep it burning bright within you, for by so doing you strengthen your realization, and your mental atmosphere reflects the inner mental state.


“Besides the manifestation of life and consciousness as the sounds of mantra within the subtle body, the other primary manifestation is of light.

The visualization of light is central to tantric sadhanas and to tantric healing.

One visualizes the deity radiating rays of light that enter oneself and others, completely purifying mental and physical obscurations and disease.

Then the deity merges into oneself at one’s heart center center in the form of light.  This light destroys dualistic conception, and one dwells in the state of radiant emptiness.

Upon emerging from the meditation on the void, one is fully identified with the deity and can again send rays of healing light to the sick person.

One can also concentrate on healing oneself with the visualization of the Light.”

Project Light wherever you go.  Send the Christ into things. Call the Christ in all into greater action.

Send the Christ image into subconscious compartments of being that need help.

Enfold people with the Light.  Serapis teaches to send it to the Christ in their heart.

Enfold buildings and offices and rooms with the Light.



This is a very important story about angels. It’s from the book “Angel Power” by Janice Connell. This is the true story of a man whose life was falling apart. He says:

“I don’t recall sleeping at all in this period. I seemed to be praying day and night. Everything I had ever owned was disappearing in front of me, and I did not understand why. I kept praying. They were prayers of desperation.

About a week before Christmas I suddenly sat up in my bed. It was dark, the middle of the night. I had a strange sensation that something quite unusual was happening.

I got out of my bed and looked at the clock: it was 3 a.m.

Without realizing exactly why I left my bedroom and walked down to the hall. I experienced an incredible sensation. It was not that I was afraid. I knew that something extraordinary was going on.

I walked into the guest bedroom. The first thing I realized was that five angels were in the room. They were not little cherubs.

They were huge warriors. I am 6 feet tall, and the angels were at least a foot taller than me. They were masculine, dressed in armor and carrying swords. Two of the angels were kneeling.

Of these, one was kneeling on one knee. His sword was resting on his knee. He held his helmet in his hand. He held a spear in his other hand. His head was down.

Three other angels were standing in the posture of soldiers at rest to the left side of me as I entered the room. They too carried spears.

They were dressed in armor and wore helmets. Their heads were down too. The angels were olive-skinned, with medium length straight black hair.

I gasped… The room seemed to be filled with light.

“I had no comprehension at first why these warrior angels were there. I stood there in awe and looked at them. They waited.

I kept looking at the warrior angels – first one – then another. I waited.

Gradually I began to realize that the angels were waiting for me to give them orders. These warrior angels were actually waiting for me to give them directions.

I had been in the military. There’s quite a difference between an officer and an enlisted man. These angels were of the caliber of high-ranking officers with large forces under their authority.

Slowly I was able to comprehend that these warrior angels were commanders of fathomless spiritual forces. These five armor-clad warriors were high-ranking angels of extraordinary authority and ability, who led vast battalions of angels.

It was quite clear to me that each warrior angel in front of me led enormous legions of other angels. Their power was obvious, but their holiness was at the edge of incomprehensibility. They were unlimited, abiding strength. At the same time they were sentinels of eternal love. I lapsed into a state of wonder, reverent awe.”


The commanding style of address.  It is not begging nor pleading, though that might work at times, and it has its place.

Jesus said to pray “in this manner.”  It is not the only type of prayer, the only words to say.  I believe he is tells us and showing us the attitude to take as we pray.  It is a powerful, assertive, confident tone.  We might say he is telling us not to come to the Father as wimps, as beggars, as weak people.  As I see it he is saying to come as people who know who we are, we know we are co-creators with the divine plan.   We agree to that plan, even though we may not understand it fully, or actually very much at all!   We trust, we know something of the Great Spirit.  We know it is good.  We know it is surely far better than life on the planet now.

So we say as both an acceptance and an intention and a direction.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done.

Of course these words are translations from ancient texts so we don’t want to become rigid and locked into these things in a dogmatic way.  But that is what I see in it.  The Dark Side doesn’t like it that we have a strong contact with the Father.  He is our power source.  If they can cut us off from Him then they cut off a lot of our power.

Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come;

thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive them that trespass against us….

Deliver us from evil.

Matthew 6:9–13 (KJV)


Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. Job 22:28

This is another interesting thing hidden away in the Old Testament.  Amidst the tendency for Man, or at least the Israelites, to be seen as groveling and rather poor specimins, amidst this we find this direction from God for people to “decree a thing” and what they decree will happen.  And how does it happen?  It happens by “Light”.


If you decree things then the Light will shine upon thy ways. If…  If… If…

So how do we decree things?

One way is to decree the way Jesus showed us in the Our Father. Another is to pattern it after the way God created “In the beginning” when He said “Let there be Light.  And there was Light.”

Father, Let there be Light in my life.

Father Let there be Light in my school, business, home…

Father, let thy joy reign in all who come to me.

Father, let all evil be banished from the government of the USA.


So we can say to our Father

“Our Father, thy will be done in my business.”

Father, deliver this family from evil.

Father, I happily forgive this one his trespasses against me. I send her love.

Forgive then my trespasses against you.

Father, let thy kingdom come now within my classroom and students.

This is as a channel of light getting stronger and stronger every time we exercise our spiritual muscles.


“Only believe and it will be granted you…”



ATKINSON -IMAGE @ yogiramacharaka





Now do not imagine for a moment that … the desired result was obtained merely from repeating, parrot-like, or like a phonograph, the words of the statement.  This talk of the power of mere words, and all the rest of such talk, has wearied me greatly.  I have seen and heard so much of this nonsense since I have become acquainted with certain people who consider themselves  “in the New Thought” that I dislike to use the words “statement or “affirmation.” These people have imagined that by the mere repetition of words they could work miracles.  Pshaw! What nonsense!  They remind me of the Chinese, and certain other people who write long prayers on slips of paper and allow them to flutter in the breeze, hoping that the gods will accept their prayers at face value while the prayer-makers are amusing themselves elsewhere. … Oh, don’t laugh – some of you are just as foolish. You have been making your statements and affirmations in the same spirit, and now feel disappointed because “nothing happened.” Of course nothing happened; how could it be otherwise?

I have said over and over again – and now say it over again another time – that the words of themselves are nothing; the real virtue lies in the feeling behind the words. If there is no feeling there is no result.  In order to get the results you must erect the framework of words, and then build around it the structure of feeling, and expectation, and visualization. That’s the way to do it.  The words are merely the skeleton – the flesh and blood are the feelings and materialized visualizations.

The ladies mentioned above, whom I have used as “typical cases” to illustrate the principle – did not rest content with words, for I wouldn’t allow them to do so. I kept after them, insisting upon their using the proper mental exercises and methods – that’s what did the work. And now I shall give you the same instruction and directions that I gave them – adapt them to your own cases and you will be likewise successful.

The kernel of the process of creating the mental atmosphere lies in what is called “visualization.”  Visualization is simply the creation of a strong mental image of the thing desired, the perfecting it each day until it becomes almost as clear as an existing material thing. The visualization tends to materialize itself – that is, it begins to build around itself actual material conditions corresponding with the mental framework.  The statement of words is the pattern around which the visualized mental images form themselves.  And the mental image is the framework around which the actual material conditions form themselves….

The thing to do in visualizing is to bring the positive imagination to see and feel the thing as actually existent.  Then by constant practice and meditation the mental atmosphere becomes formed, and the rest is all a matter of time.  See yourself as you wish to be.  See others as you wish them to be.  See conditions as you wish them to be.  Think them out- dream them out- act them out….

That is from Atkinson’s book, MIND POWER; p.172…

In conclusion, beware what you pray for, because you might get it!

Dangerous prayers are the ones you pray with all sincerity of heart but perhaps don’t fully understand the consequences of what you are asking for. This is not necessarily a bad thing. When we ask God to change us I think that often if we knew the journey to get to that place of transformation we may never ask.

Dangerous prayers are the ones you pray and then half way through perhaps the most difficult time of your life you suddenly have the revelation that you actually asked God to help you grow in a certain area and this was His answer.”


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